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Pandemic Math

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Isn’t it always in the name of freedom, safety and justice that the government talks its citizens into making these ‘temporary’ changes ‘for our own good’ (like taxes, that once introduced never stop). How else is a government going to get a nation of freedom lovers to give up their livelihoods and agree to carry ‘papers’ for authorities to access our personal data and make decisions on our behalf for the ‘’greater good’?

We’ve got to ask ourselves, what are the real numbers of a ‘pandemic’? Do our numbers justify destroying our liberties, our way of life, our economy? And if it’s not a ‘real’ pandemic. What is it. Why is it? Who was harmed? Big tech, big pharma, big tech, big gov? Nope. how were they harmed and who harmed them? Who did the government bailout and lend its support to? Small businesses, the middle class, hard-working Americans or refugees from other countries and war? What about your freedom to work, travel, control the decision you make for your body and the bodies of your children? What about the media, was it against rioting and looting? Did they condemn it? Or did they propagate it? What about our freedoms to even question the agenda here.

There are many names for what’s happening here: Fascism, Marxism, socialism, communism. Never in the history of the world has this ended well for the people at-large. Only for the fat-cats of the aristocracies we call governments. The elite few who make the laws for everyone else to live by and abide by, or else.

When the people depend upon the government, the money eventually dries up. Look at Argentina or Venezuela —once the crown Jewels of South America. Now, armpits, impoverished, destitute. Look at Chili — once socialist, now thriving after returning to free markets and freedom from government suppression.

One need only read the Communist Manifesto to see what we are going through the playbook by numbers.

Cancel culture is its very definition. From cancelling laws to people to books (You know what they say — governments that burn books, next burn its people). Brown shirt anyone?

What about our airways, are we really getting the news, or the party line? And what of the consequences to those who don’t tow that party line? They’re severe. People are getting fired from their jobs, kids are getting kicked out of school, protesters are getting beaten, killed. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Why are we opening our borders during what’s supposed to be a pandemic? No other country is, why us? Why are we printing money with no gold backing and giving it away hand over fist to other nations instead of helping the small business owner that just lost his shirt due to the government forcing them to stop working.

On what planet does it make sense to tell any human being to stop making a livelihood? What rational person believes the government will take care of them? We’re Americans, our government doesn’t rule us. We rule ourselves. How many people died and fought to create this nation, keep this republic? And we’re going to hand it over because of a flu?

The numbers don’t add up.

And if they did, how many Americans would ‘vote’ to forfeit the country, its freedoms and all that it stands for to ‘save one life’. Forfeit the millions who fought to create and protect it but now, hand it off because someone might die from getting sick?

If we want to talk about sacrifice, if we want to talk about the greater good. Better a few people die than a country die. Better the people maintain their voice, their choice, their control of their bodies than hand it off to a third party who tells us they can make better decisions for our lives than we can.

We see protests of hundreds of thousands of citizens throughout every European nation. Why? They know fascism, socialism, communism, Marxism. They remember it. And they’re scared. And we’re scared of a flu?

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I appreciate the ignorance of these questions. But I can't answer them.

If US has a fiat currency - it is money because we say it is - why does the state have to borrow money at all? Why does the state have to tax and confiscate its citizen's money? If I could grow an unlimited number of tomatoes, why would I ever borrow my neighbor's tomatoes and repay him/her with interest? I can understand printing up a lot of money that you then lend to other people for interest and income, but why print it up and give it away.

Can't understand why you would borrow a bunch of money, or even print up a bunch of money, and…

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