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Death Wish: How the Self-Loathing Left is Destroying America

By Gogo Yubari, Editor / The American Rant

It’s hard to understand how someone who is a feminist, Jewish or gay (or any of the letters) or a could support candidates or countries that are known for their misogyny, antisemitism or homophobia. It sounds like self-loathing, it sounds a little death-wishy. How did we get to the place where we’re supporting countries that would literally kill to have us join them in their dark-ages-esque way of life. Since when do American’s support countries where women can’t own property, but ‘are’ the property, where nine-year old girls are sold into marriage (read: raped), where it’s illegal to be, lets say, non-heterosexual (sentence: death), where Christians are beheaded (that’s right, after the Jews comes, well, everyone else), and yes, they still want to push the Jews into the Sea—never mind that Israel is about 71 miles wide, and just over 260 miles long, and the Muslim nations take up the surrounding 2.78 million square miles. (Fun fact, Jews make up one-half of 1% of the world's population, muslims 1.7 Billion and growing.) Yet, there’s never room enough for the Jew.

Progressives like to think of themselves as 'more' humane than the left, yet they open the flood gates, make pacts with the devil, and turn a blind eye to reality. So, ask any woman or child in these countries just who exactly are they being humane to? Since when does supporting or ignoring governments known for their profound human rights violations qualify someone as a humanitarian? Everyone has a right to national pride, but Americans and Israelis. As long as you’re not white, not American, and not Jewish – you’re good to go. (Until the caliphate comes for you next, that is.)

If supporting American ideals is defined as ‘American’, then isn’t if fair to say that espousing ideals that are not American, ‘anti-American’? If someone believes that handing over their individual freedoms to a government is a good idea— they haven’t been reading their history books. And if these anti-American ideologies are expoused from within our government, our schools, our airways -- or worse, if our government attempts to bring them into law, there’s a word for that: Sedition. A crime so serious that it warrants the death penalty. The attempt to overthrow this government, comes with a pricetag. It’s life or death stuff.

When did this ‘America last’ mantra take hold? Who’s leading this death-knell? And why.

Why are American’s content with stepping over the homeless on the way to their mailboxes in their own neighborhoods to send checks abroad? Who thought-up the open-boarders initiative? Name a country without a border.

What venom has been loosed, what poison courses through our media and the mouths of those who wish to undermine, dismantled, and separate our united front? What delusion has taken hold here?

The Left will protest against students who want to maintain their freedom to pray in school, stripping the Pledge of Allegiance from our children’s mouths, ripping their hands from their hearts. Yet, fight like a dervish to enforce the teaching and practice of religions (including satanism) that are at their very core and in direct opposition all we hold to be good and just and true.

I contend that it’s not love that drives these initiatives but things like fear, self-hate, guilt. After their rabid attack, like a cancer, these things metastasis and go after the host. In time they eat their own young, but not soon enough, not before they’ve eaten yours. What happens if a country is run by those who don’t have that fire for God and Country driving them? Can it survive if we supplant God for government?

We don’t need polished. Mao was polished. We need a bulldog that has the fortitude to withstand the perpetual onslaught. In a time where so many have lost their moral compass, where the rhetoric is so loud it drowns out reason, where the (self) hate is so rancid, it seeks to destroy all that is good. These imposters are like rabid dogs fed by the self-loathing, fear-infested ghouls that seek to dismantle the land of the free and home of the brave, tearing at the flesh of a nation, infecting it with toxins that ignite nonsensical frothing at the mouth.

Don’t they know. As long as there is one red blooded American standing — they won’t? United we stand.

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