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Hey. Tuck, Candace?  Your Jew Hate is Showing.

Last week Candace Owens made an antisemitic quip and Ben Shapiro called her out. Candace had said, “"no government has a right to commit genocide"—making the claim that Israel, not Hamas had commited geocide. She then tweeted “Man cannot serve both Gd and money”, an age-old New Testament slight regarding the Jews and money.Both of her comments of course came after her equivocating after the Hamas led Massacre of October 7th.


It’s no accident that Tucker invited Candace on his show. He’s looking for allies. He had started with Ramaswamy a few weeks earlier which surely launched the death-knell for his presidential run when he chose not to give any air time to the brutal attack on innocent Israeli citizens and instead argued that we as Americans should take no heed of events outside our borders when we have our own border crises. Vivek was enthused to be on the show, and took the baton with gusto. Alas, the backlash from the slight was brutal. Tucker brought Ramasawmy back a second time in an attempt to undo the damage the interview caused. It did not work. 


Let me clarify, the day that Hamas, the terrorist organization living in Gaza at Israel’s southern border came across the border via land, air and sea (along with a over 2000 Gazan citizens), went on a murder spree, and then fired thousands of rockets into the country of Israel, Tucker had nothing to say. We know that Hamas plowed down beautiful young 20 year olds whilst attending a music festival. Some they raped, some they blew up with grenades, some they hung, some they cut up, some they shot, some they took home with them (read: Kidnapped). And we know this because there were reporters there recording this, they were taking notes and taking pictures throughout the entire massacre. We also know this because the terrorists themselves filmed the events using their personal cell phones. They also used the cell phones of their victims and posted their pictures on the social media accounts of their victims, sometimes calling the families of the victims to watch as they raped and murdered them. And then there were the GoPro cameras the terrorists had fastened to their gear, their helmets and their motorcycles. That’s where we’re getting all the footage we see on the news. It’s literally from Hamas and the Gazan citizens themselves. There’s no question that these events happened, just as we have watched in real time. No one doubts this. If anyone dares to deny this reality, we know they’re lying. 


The music festival massacre was just the pre-party however. Next the sociopaths made their way to several nearby neighborhoods, knows as Kibbutzim. There too, it was Helter Skelter everywhere. Gory, sadistic, dark-ages stuff. Children raped, sodomized (in polite society we call this pedophelia), some were decapitated, others hung, babies were put in ovens. One was even cut from his mother’s womb. These are war crimes. Holocaust survivors were forced to witness their granddaughters raped, husbands their wives, sisters their brothers, brothers their sisters. I’ve said enough. There’s more, but I’m about to throw up. 


Turns out it’s hard to get sympathy from the world if you admit to decapitation and pedophilia, but never fear, as long as they deny it, everyone seems to be okay with the snuff films circulating the globe, as long as they can say that what they’re witnessing with their own eyes, didn’t happen. If that doesn’t work, they can say the Jews deserved it, or raped themselves, or just blame the whole thing on Israel, “Look at what you made us do!” if all else fails. (Note to self: Do you know of anyone who you could talk into decapitating a baby?)


So, after the brutal slaughter, Tucker gets Ramaswamy to agree that Americans shouldn’t be concerning themselves with the attack in Israel, but with our own border. He goes on to remind us of the fentanyl crises at our border, and argues that it’s bad, it’s worse, it’s the "real" massacre he tells Candice a few weeks later. Read that again. Tucker sees the drug addicts who chose to purchase and use drugs as ‘the’ real massacre, but fails to give air time to the innocent Israelis who were seized by death squads and subjected to some of the most brutal torture and murder we’ve seen since Vlad the Impaler. And he’s certainly not bringing up Hamas and other Islamic extremists who have done the same to millions of Muslim and Christian communities throughout Africa and the Middle East over the past millennia. 


Nearly 240 innocent Israeli citizens were tortured and kidnapped by over 2000 Gazan civilians and over 1000 bonafide Hamas terrorists. Declaring not just war upon a country and its soldiers, but Jihad against innocent civilians. After the massacre came a second wave of Gazan citizens who carried out equally unspeakable acts of brutality. So, no Tuck. It’s not the same thing. The innocents didn’t choose this, they didn’t deserve this, nor incite this, nor want this. They were victims of monsters. Of evil. However sad the loss of lives caused by drug overdoses, the drug users bought and ingested the drugs by their own free will. However tragic their addiction and death, still there is no comparison. Just one question tuck, why do you feel a need to compare them? To reduce the severity of the sheer brutality of these Islamic extremists? 


Since the October 7th massacre Tucker conducted interviews with different guest where he willfully did not cover the Hamas massacre perpetrated against Jewish innocents; justifying his grotesque omissions each time on the pretense that Americans should be troubled only with domestic and not foreign affairs. But then, wait for it, last week Tucker jets off to Spain to join in the anti-socialist rallies. His reasoning? He thought it just wasn’t getting the coverage it should, so he flew there to save the day, as only he can. Right. To summarize, Tucker just got done telling us that we shouldn’t be concerned with the problems of other countries. (I think what he was saying, was that we shouldn’t be concerned with the problems of the Jews.) Wasn’t that his entire premise, his impetus to remain so steadfastly off topic for an entire month? So, he goes to Spain to fight the good fight. Bully for him.


So, last week, Tucker invites Candace on his show. Comrades now, bound by a shared enemyTucker is saving Candace from the tyrant Jew Ben Shapiro, who has accused her of an antisemitic slur. She stars blankly, guilty, pretending not to be. But never fear, Tucker is going to take this opportunity to quell the naysayers by affording them a long-awaited acknowledgement of the sheer brutality of the October 7 pogrom perpetrated against innocent Israeli citizens. This is his big moment. He’s going to take a stand. He’s going to redeem himself. Wait. No. No he didn’t. Tucker, faster than a speeding bullet, mumbled something near-inaudible. Some one-liner about something being bad. I know it was about Israel because after the third time I played the interview. I finally made out the word, “Israel”.  So, get this, Tucker Carlson had his audio team reduce the volume on the world “Israel" in post-production. Just the one word, “Israel".  I suspect this will allow him to say he said something and get all those pesky Jews off his back. And at the same time, we can be pretty confident that none of his, let’s call them, ‘sympathizers’, would say such an incendiary and hateful word. "Israel."


Ours is a Gd of lightening. I’d duck if I were you.  


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