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  • Sarah Pascal Belzer

The Socialist Agenda Is So Nefarious, We Won't know What Hit Us Until It's Too Late.

Sarah Pascal Belzer, Contributor / The American Rant

They will come from afar, they will come from within, we will know them by their marching hymn. Ours is the Battle Hymn of the Republic, not the whispers of tyranny in the shadows. Let the Hero born of woman crush the serpent with his heel.

Replacing our American Republic with the new world order, a socialist agenda, would be catastrophic.

While the spin throughout every communication channel in this country and beyond is working overtime to undermine our way of life and exalt another, they all but ignore a reality that has plagued the nations of the world since time immemorial: Socialism may look great on paper, but it just doesn’t work.

One need only look beyond the soundbites to see the reality socialism has wreaked upon humanity. Name the country, if it’s socialist, it’s been plundered to the point of destitution. Its people imprisoned through taxes so high they are virtually enslaved, and its manufacturing and food production so regulated that only breadlines and hunger are left in its wake. The fantasy of equal distribution in reality translates to the government taking money from those who earn it, keeping most for themselves, and giving some (often not enough to survive) to those who don’t earn it. When the money is gone, as it always goes because people who work for a living leave, and the government generates no wealth but for that they take from its citizens, we would fall into the same hole every other socialist country has: equal opportunity poverty. We can look at a few of our own cities throughout the US as proof points: Chicago, Detroit and California for starters.

Have you ever seen what happens to people when there’s not enough food? It’s doesn’t take much to go from ‘he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother’ to ‘every man for himself’. And it all starts with the old game of divide-and-conquer.

The socialist agenda is so nefarious, we won’t know what hit us until it’s too late.

Just speak to anyone from Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Poland, East Germany, Cuba. Ask any refugee who has immigrated to the US. Have them tell you all about their 'just' social welfare programs, their country’s equal distribution of wealth, and how their government took care of them. Socialism doesn’t work. Anywhere. And before we wax poetic about Norway, look again. Their tax rates are so high they are choked into restrictions too innumerable to count. Their rate of suicide—the highest of any nation on the globe, should be red-flag enough.

We can vote in communism, but we’d have to shoot our way out of it.

One rancid soup with ingredients of a different name: nationalism, socialism, social nationalism, equal distribution, the New World Order, globalism, one world government, collective cooperation, communism, and today's favorite... ‘Progressive’ (more like regressive if you ask me.). But the meal is the same and it takes us to the same place: hungry, with no way out. All based on OPM (other people’s money). Governments can’t get there without our cooperation. No matter the Robin Hood marketing campaign – pretty soon the well dries up. The hard-working philanthropist no longer has the means to write a check to the underserved, no longer has the impetus to work because his earnings are confiscated by a government who promises to feed the poor, who sadly, remain poor; our children have little incentive to study for years for a salary that only promises poverty, and the poor have little incentive to better their lives because they’re being funded (read suppressed) by their friendly government, who in reality keeps them right where they found them. By the time they wake up hungry, it's too late.

A non-American agenda will always backfire in America.

No matter how many American-hating socialist countries we can pipe into our news media, no matter how many little Nordic girls with braids we can get to scold us at the UN, as Americans, we don’t love our political parties more than we love our country—a Republic that promises freedom and rights the likes of which are enjoyed by no other country in the world. Americans are idealists, dreamers, philanthropists at heart – and we don’t share the radical ‘ideals’ that will strip us of our ability to actually help others, because we can no longer help ourselves.

America isn’t perfect, but it’s still the greatest country in the world.

Every American believes in equality, hates slavery, wants to feed the poor, and help the oppressed. Pretending that one party values these things, and another party doesn’t is the only way the radical socialist agenda can take root. And no single person on American soil believes crimes should go unchecked, the wealthy should rob the poor, and the underserved should be neglected. To believe otherwise is to concede that we’ve fallen to manipulation and have erroneously embraced a division that does not exist, but only manufactured. On these things we are united, to be told otherwise is a lie, plain and simple.

Americans are of one mind and spirit when it comes to our social and humanitarian beliefs, so when the newspapers tell us otherwise—it’s time we question the source and not our neighbor. So, if at our core we stand united, we should ask ourselves—who is trying to divide us, and why?

The solution is to turn to our Constitution not abolish it. It is to live by our founding principles, not replace them with old socialist ideals the progressives call new. It is not religion or God responsible for war and murder and famine. It’s a humanity without G-d responsible for man’s slide into chaos. Mao, Stalin, Hitler…. weren’t men of G-d, they were men without a G-d and without moral compunction.

The playbook (Communist Manifesto) is a simple one: Begin by removing a citizen's ability and right to defend him/herself, remove a Deity that gives hope, defines ethics and holds us to account, and unremittingly force a slide into a financial, social, and spiritual abyss.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take that long to dismantle a country, especially when funded by shadows we can’t touch (big pharma, big tech, big ag, big gov) and surrounded with complicit nations that have already take the nose-dive. And it’s coming at us from the inside too as they’ve worked to create a directionless youth, weaned on poisoned rhetoric in our schools and given free drugs by our government.

They’ll come for our freedoms one by one, they’ll promise it’s a one-off, and for the greater good. But, once our freedoms are gone, don’t think it won’t take blood to get it back. This movement plays upon our emotions, preys upon our naivete, and works through lunch. We don’t stand a chance unless we’re ever vigilant. Disseminating these agenda-laden messages in kindergarten classes, social media channels and news feeds is all it really takes. Where do we think all of this is headed? To the land of better? Where is this land if not here on American soil. What model do we think to follow but the very one we forged in blood, to free ourselves from the very thing we fled.

We’re fighting the wrong battle. It shouldn’t be amongst one another, but against those who think to strip us from our way of life. Thomas Jefferson said it eloquently: "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."

They will come from afar, they will come from within, we will know them by their marching hymn. Ours is the Battle Hymn of the Republic, not the whispers of tyranny in the shadows. Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel.

What separates Americans from every other country in the world? We govern ourselves.

We should plug our ears, cut the cord to the television, and look to history and only to the facts as we know them until we are properly and rightly horrified. The body count is staggering. The agendas of those who promise the promised land if only you relinquish your freedoms—are dangerous. Should we be gambling like this? Handing off our power to a government and entrust our freedom and our rights to some ‘entity’? Who will decide which books to burn, which word to use, how many Coke's to drink…?

Americans value freedom more than we value being taken care of.

A free nation is comprised of individuals who elect government officials that represent their will. The government works for the people. An imprisoned nation however is run by a small group of people (tyrants) that decide for the individual how they should live as a collective, stripping away the individual freedom of each citizen, and his will. We are of different walks of life, but with a shared constitution. One that bestows upon us the right to protect ourselves and our freedoms. We are given nothing so that nothing can be taken from us. We are promised an equal voice in the form of a vote counted, and an equal opportunity in the form of a school book. Not equal outcome. Kill inspiration, kill a nation.

We’ve let the enemy in the gate. They are our next-door neighbors, our seated officials, our journalists, and teachers. Most with good intentions but formed on the agendas of those with bad intentions. Intentions of dismantling our nation as we know it. Let’s raise our hands over our hearts, pledge our allegiance to our country, not to our parties. Let’s defend and protect the United States of America, our Republic, one nation under G-d, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

They say all we need to do to allow evil to prevail is to stand on the sidelines and do nothing. So, rise and hold accountable those who scheme to dismantle our Republic. They're not just stealing flat screens — they're stealing our peace, our freedoms and our way of life.

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