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Remember When...

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

By Gogo Yubari, Editor / The American Rant

Remember when...

— the left was so certain that Hillary would win that they began to posture in the media, preparing conservatives for the pending upset, coaching conservatives to ‘accept’ the results peacefully, and when Trump was elected president, Hillary let out a blood-curdling scream and the liberals went into temper-tantrum mode, for four years?

— the left accused the right of voter fraud, but we learned that Hillary had rigged the electionand the extra few MILLION votes still didn’t cut it?

— the left accused the right of having foreign nations interfere with the election, but we learned that Obama had attempted to influence the election in Israel?

— the Obama administration accused Trump of spying on them, but they were spying on Trump?

— the Obama administration accused Trump of colluding with the Russians, but it was Obama who did?

— the left accused Trump of extorting Ukraine, a 'quid-pro-quo', but we learned Biden and his son did? (Where's Hunter?)

— the left kept taking soundbites of Trump out of context in an attempt to paint Trump as a racist, and how Biden says one racist thing after another (forget soundbites, we've got years of footage).

— Trump did more for minorities in a few short years than Obama or Biden ever did throughout their entire careers?

— the left accused conservatives of being racist, but in reality it's the Democratic party that supported slavery, shot the president who set the slaves free, defended slavery via the KKK, and today has instigated policy to suppress minorities, the poor, and uneducated—fighting against their right to vote and own property? Isn't time for a wake-up call? News flash it's the Conservative party that created the laws to protect and defend the plight of minorities and continue to defend them to this very day.

— Obama made trade deals with foreign countries that tanked our economy? And how Trump fixed it and strengthened our economy?

— Obama bowed to Muslim princes, handed Iran millions of dollars, called America a Muslim nation—and Trump hugged our flag, and told our enemies to take hike?

Obama laughed at Trump for thinking he could fix an economy that he failed to over the course of 8 years. And Trump renegotiated our lousy trade deals, returned manufacturing to American soil, lowered unemployment to an all-time low, raised the standard of living for the working class, and fixed the economy—in seconds flat?

— liberals removed the pledge of allegiance, “My Country 'Tis of Thee”, and prayer in school, but insisted that prayer and special meals be provided for Muslims?

Remember when those things called ‘borders’ surrounding every country on planet earth that define a sovereign nation, but liberals called conservatives racists for wanting to fortify ours? And when we did, rape, murder, drug smuggling and human trafficking decreased to an all-time low?

Remember when liberals wanted to keep the children in prison with unidentified adults who smuggled them into our country illegally, exposing them to abuse, and then accused Trump of putting children in cages, and called him racist for not changing fast enough what were actually the same holding pens that Obama had built and used through the his administration?

— the left protested against violence and suppression whilst they burned down cities, looted their neighborhoods, beat up strangers, and shot scores of people? And then they blamed Trump for the violence?

— the democrats went to extremes to stuff the ballot box? Everything from sending the ill into nursing homes, releasing hardened criminals from prisons, and opening our borders to planet earth. Well, except to Cubans running from socialism.

Ever notice that liberals are guilty of the very things they accuse conservatives of? It’s almost as though each accusation is driven by a guilty conscience exposing and confessing their agenda in the public square. Like a kid who runs to his mother to tell her he didn’t eat the cookies in the cookie jar as they melt in his pocket.

How do you get an American citizen to stop making commerce? You can’t. Unless you tell him his children will die. Enter: Pandemic.

Ever notice that the race war in this country started at the same time that Hillary, Obama and Biden are being accused of murder, sedition, extortion and treason?

Ever notice how the key players in dismantling this nation happen to also be on the Lolita Island flight manifesto?

Ever notice how every liberal-government official had implemented socialism-like policies in their states, destroying their economies, schools, and neighborhoods; raising taxes, resulting in an increase in unemployment, crime and poverty—while every state run by conservatives is thriving? (note the flight from democrat/socialist-run states to conservative/republican run states).

Ever spend an afternoon researching George Soros? Start with his success in tanking global economies, move to the role he played in the pandemic, elections, riots and open borders, and finish with his Latino radio stations shopping spree. If ever there was evil incarnate on this planet, he is it.

If you want to know who has the power in America— it's the people you're afraid to speak out against. Today, that’s means our government and their henchmen disguised as Facebook, BLM, Antifa, and radiclized college students. So, how do we take our country back, and out of the hands of career politicians, bullies, rioters, snot-nosed kids who want something for nothing, and out-of-control, zombie-brained liberals?

1. Go back to work. and put them to work

2. Vote out all totalitarian war-mongering politicians

3. Remove career-politicians from office

4. Reduce the outrageous wages of politicians (and pensions) so that they make a living, not a killing (Remember when citizens went into public service to do good, not well?)

5. Enforce the rule of law

6. Uphold and live by the Constitution

7. Hold accountable anyone who seeks to overthrow our country, whether by plot, sedition, treason, extortion, terror or economic manipulation.

Our constitution has provisions for times like these. Our rights (to freedom, speech, weapons, property) PRECEDE government. The government was created to protect our rights, not give them to us. They are inalienable because they do not derive from men, but from a higher source. Our government exists only to this end, to protect this one truth and nothing else: God-given individual freedom.Our country is not run by our government. It is run by its citizens. That’s you. We bear arms for this very reason. We are not told by our government to get a shot, stop working, or wear a mask. That is not freedom. We are not a collective, we are individuals. FREE from government control and strong-arming.

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