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The Great Bait-and-Switch

Updated: May 2

By Gogo Yubari, Editor / The American Rant

We should be more frightened of the puppet masters — the agenda is what’s frightening, dismantling the economies, and freedoms of free nations (US and Israel)

No sentient being can hold the president accountable for the spread of a flu, or for riots. No conservatives are throwing Molotov Coctails and shooting people, nor are they or the president responsible for the behavior of anarchists. We have free well, each one of us, we don’t ‘follow our leader’ like robots or communists, and we are held accountable for the decisions we make and the actions we take. We lead and are not led, we rule and are not ruled, we are Americans. What’s going on here is a bait and switch.

The left’s agenda to do anything and everything they can to get control of our Republic is nothing less than an attempt of a modern-day coup—driven by political tyranny. What’s going on in our country reads like the Communist Manifesto. What we’re seeing now is a well-funded re-enactment of the same playbook that sank once flourishing countries (Venezuela, Cuba, China, North Korea, Russia…)


1. Pushes atheism and persecutes the religious (Karl Marx said, “religion is the opium of the people,” and taught that his fight for oppressed people and religion were incompatible.)

2. Remove guns (or bullets)

3. Create civil unrest (read: race riots)

4. Undermine the confidence of the masses (peace, security, finances, disease, fires, riots….)

5. Create the belief that the ‘government’ will ‘take care of us’ through the mantra of wealth redistribution

6. Erase and replace history (removing a people’s heritage is one of the first steps to destroy a nation and necessary to repeat historical evils)

7. Call our innate freedoms, evils: intact family, personal property, personal wealth, achievement...

Point to any model of Marxism (whether under the name of socialism or progressive or what have you) — they all lead to one thing communism. bread lines, destitution.

Trump, the virtually untouchable, destroyed years of pandering to China, unraveling the deals that put China in the driver’s seat, depleted our economy, moved manufacturing and oil production off-shore, handed over unconscionable amounts of money to foreign nations for reasons unclear and unaccounted for — and the returns were not beneficial, but worse, harmful. Corruption at its finest. Agenda is written all over years of deals that worked to undermine our way of life in America, our republic, and ultimately our freedoms.

China is riled, America haters are enthused, Marxists have something to sink their teeth into, Soros and his foot soldiers are in full swing, and all like-minded factions have united.

From the US Department of State:

"We’re seeing staggering statistics of Chinese trade abuses that cost American jobs and strike enormous blows to the economies across America, including here in southern California. And we’re watching a Chinese military that grows stronger and stronger, and indeed more menacing.

If we want to have a free 21st century, and not the Chinese century of which Xi Jinping dreams, the old paradigm of blind engagement with China simply won’t get it done. We must not continue it and we must not return to it.

The kind of engagement we have been pursuing has not brought the kind of change inside of China that President Nixon had hoped to induce. The truth is that our policies – and those of other free nations – resurrected China’s failing economy, only to see Beijing bite the international hands that were feeding it.

We opened our arms to Chinese citizens, only to see the Chinese Communist Party exploit our free and open society. China sent propagandists into our press conferences, our research centers, our high schools, our colleges, and even into our PTA meetings.

Perhaps we were naive about China’s virulent strain of communism, or triumphalist after our victory in the Cold War, or cravenly capitalist, or hoodwinked by Beijing’s talk of a “peaceful rise. Whatever the reason – whatever the reason, today China is increasingly authoritarian at home, and more aggressive in its hostility to freedom everywhere else.

We must keep in mind that the CCP regime is a Marxist-Leninist regime. General Secretary Xi Jinping is a true believer in a bankrupt totalitarian ideology.

It’s this ideology, it’s this ideology that informs his decades-long desire for global hegemony of Chinese communism. America can no longer ignore the fundamental political and ideological differences between our countries, just as the CCP has never ignored them.

Securing our freedoms from the Chinese Communist Party is the mission of our time.”

Read Pompeo’s full comments here:

The media are the driver of public perception through misinformation. Skewed with an agenda, they drive the rhetoric, mold public perception, incite dissention. They are partners in brain-washing-grade destruction rather than partners to solutions. They’d have made Stalingrad proud. Just read any one of a handful of burgeoning papers (e.g., Epoch Times) launched by those who have fled communist countries to bring out attention to the real evils of communism hidden under the shiny promises of catchy titles like “equality for all” “wealth re-distribution”, “socialism”. Communists are no Robin-hoods, and will only cause the ‘haves’ (those that build and invent and give and employ) to flee. Leaving those that don’t have, with a bread line (the government will pay themselves before they dole out the money they stole from our taxes).

100 Years. 100 million Lives. Not butterflies and full bellies. Murder, starvation, totalitarian rule. This is the legacy of Communism. Read any one of the up-and-coming rags launched by ex-pats who fled their Communist country of birth. They’re warning us, shouting from the rooftops. What goes on behind the iron curtain – kills.

The Orange County Register writes:

"Socialism’s comeback extends across a broad spectrum of countries, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, France as well as in the United States. In France’s election last year, the former Trotskyite Jean-Luc Melenchon won the under-24 vote, beating the “youthful” Emmanuel Macron by almost two to one. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, the birthplace of modern capitalism, Labour, under the neo-Marxist Jeremy Corbyn, won over 60 percent of the vote among voters under 40, compared to just 23 percent for the Conservatives. Youth support in 2016 for Bernie Sanders, the first openly socialist candidate running in a major-party American presidential race, shows the power of collectivist messaging even here.

A Pew poll finds that 43 percent of millennials feel positively about the word “socialism” compared to less than half that for people over 50. By 2024, these millennials will be the biggest voting bloc."


"BLM and their cohorts are spreading a far more serious virus than COVID-19; it is a wicked plague that kills life, liberty, economics, peace and social order by spreading division, hatred for and rejection of family structure, gender, personal responsibility and property, all laws based on the Ten Commandments given us by the Lawgiver Himself.”


Whatever its name (it changes with the tide), communism, socialism, Marxism, progressive, political correctness… it’s a lie. And the totalitarian states that spew these lies don’t even believe them. You are being played. And You’ll be eaten up and spit out.

There are issues in America, no one disputes it. But for the solution. The solution has to be born from the ideals of a Republic, not force fed from manifestos that promise a utopia and delver death – whether it be the economy, freedome or corporeal. Socialism sounds pretty, looks good on paper, and doesn’t work. Never has. Never will.

No matter our issues, it’s not in the destroying of our Republic that will resolve it but shoring it up. Not the dismantling of this great experiment penned in our constitution but returning to its intended values and principles.

"The irony is scarcely wasted on leading Marxist thinkers. "The domination of capitalism globally depends today on the existence of a Chinese Communist party that gives de-localized capitalist enterprises cheap labor to lower prices and deprive workers of the rights of self-organization.”


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