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Is It Safe Yet?

Updated: May 2

By Gogo Yubari, Editor / The American Rant

Is it Safe Yet? How Hyper-PC Affects our Ability to Reason

So, yeah America butts in where it doesn’t belong. Say, for example, WWII — we saved the bloody planet from tyranny. Okay, sorry. But the world hates us? Who can blame them? But wait, the world is at our doorstep – flooding our borders, insisting we don’t have borders (what defines a sovereign nation if not for its borders?) and I’m left wondering — can you name a country without borders?

Can you name a country I can move to without a legal document with my name on it? Can I get work in that country, vote in that country, be fed by that country, demand that that country change its language, its meal-plan, its constitution to suit my needs?

It gets better. How many countries do private Americans and US charities support — feeding their children, clothing their poor, building their wells, supplying their inoculations. Which is great, that’s the American spirit right there. But something’s amiss. Somewhere along the line, we veered off course. When did the “we love the world” mantra turn into “we hate America”? “Hate” too strong a word for you? Well, then why are we feeding and inoculating and building for everyone else before our own? When did it become politically incorrect to feed our own first? Can you name another country that feeds the people of other nations before its own?

This hyper-PC seems to have infected our rationale across the board. Why does loving your origins — whether political, ethnic or religious — translate into intolerance instead of tolerance? What do I mean? Today when you want to prove you love the poor, you’ve gotta hate the wealthy, loving minorities means you gotta hate the white man, and to prove you’re not a racist, you can't call dangerous people dangerous, even when they're wielding a Molotov cocktail.

If we’re so free to live as we choose, then why is it that only the current PC party-line allowed to be voiced. Just recently a college student stood on campus holding a sign saying: “White lives matter too”. The school responded with an official statement: “We won’t tolerate this kind of hate speech here.” Come again?

Today, the word ‘tolerance’ seems more a euphemism for total and complete intolerance for anyone who doesn’t share the views of the intolerant—on tolerance. This 'our way or the highway' mentality has forced us to forfeit our good judgment in fear of being cast out as being judgmental. Rumor has it, in some states it’s considered child abuse to tell your child what sex he or she is. That’ right, our chromosomes no longer determine one’s sex—opinion does. Well, it’s my opinion that this wave of, dare I call it, insanity, is pure, unadulterated fascism.

Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy (which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe—read Nazis).

When is the last time you wanted to post something online but felt you better ditch it in fear of backlash from your neighbor, or the IRS? Ever heard the term, “PC Police?”. What is this, Russia? Spasibo Stalin.

There was a time when we were afraid of this kind of thing seeping into the fabric of our society, or worse, our government. Today, we better stand on the sidelines at this circus or risk being banished from the tent. You’ve gotta ask, what’s next? We might look to history for answers, but we don’t have to go all the way back to the Mongol or Russian or Roman or Persian empires, we’ve got our own century of Mao’s and Stalin’s and Hitlers, which brings us to today—where we need only look to Europe for answers. Just take a look at their statistics on crime, rape, murder and unemployment (I’m not saying they correspond directly to the influx of refugees from nation's that hate western culture, values and laws, but it’s a correlation that can't be ignored.) See the south of Italy lately? Look into it on your lunch hour if you want to lose your appetite. I can’t blame the caliphate, I might lose my head to a dull kitchen knife, so I’ll leave it to you to figure it out. But I implore—figure it out. Preferably before we can no longer drive through certain neighborhoods because its prayer time (been to Paris lately?); before we complete the transition from “we rule ourselves” to “the government will take care of us”; before our government takes the majority of our hard-earned money to taxes with the promise of ‘giving’ us a better life.

We’ve become somewhat anesthetized to the dismal conditions of the more impoverished countries, but now the pretty ones too (read: Netherlands) – with affordable everything – healthcare, education, housing—are buckling, yet boast suicide rates off the charts. Seems that working like a slave to ‘give’ most of your earnings to the government so they can redistribute the money of hard-working citizens to those who can't (or won't) earn—can be depressing. Goodbye Venezuela.

And then there’s God. The PC police (read: angry, self-hating Americans with a death wish), have stripped God, the “Father”, of his gender, erased him from our children’s morning prayers, and replaced him with Allah and rigorous PC language.

There is no country, no people freer than Americans (that's why they're flocking here folks) – and we’re squandering it, apologizing for it, handing it over, and begging to be buried alive. We’re compassionate don’t you know. Might we consider an-about face before this tsunami sinks us for good? It’s insidious, and we’ve got the media and all those educated educators helping to soften the blow, so we won’t feel a thing until it's curtains. This saccharine indoctrination on the slow drip of history’s compost is wrapped in the same sweetly militant mantra of yesteryear: “you better or else”, is gonna do us in, like it does everyone in. Wake up and smell the Kool-Aid.

I never could figure out why Obama’s 'Change' platform gained such popularity in this country. Change our Constitution? You know that document that formed our nation, the one our forefathers warned us to hold fast to, because, oh, this would happen. We’ve got the Donald chanting not “change” but “return”—and he’s being crucified for it. So, let’s recap –we’ve got one party who wants to change our constitution, the very fabric of what makes this country, our country, America, great—but the reaction from the (Democratic) party of “love don’t hate” when they lost the White House — was akin to drowning a litter of puppies. Now, we’ve got a sitting president who wants to return to and uphold the founding principles that ensure our sovereignty, our safety, our economic solvency – and he’s hated? By Americans? I don’t get it. The only rationale I can come up with is—the drinking water. Stop drinking the water.

I’m petitioning Webster for a new definition for ‘self-hate’, here goes:

Self Hate (/ˈtirənē/)

a. giving away your good judgement, your freedom, your money and every semblance of self-preservation under the delusion that others will see you as an open-minded, all-around good person;

b. a hater of America, white males, God and the ability to earn and retain money;

c. a lover of all peoples, institutions, and political parties that support the dismantling of and subsequent annihilation of the Constitution of the United States of America, the American way of life, and the freedoms it upholds, such as the freedom to defend oneself against tyranny (that’s right, those guns aren’t for hunting – they’re to protect you from the government when they come to your door looking to take them away), and the freedom to say, well, “take a hike”.

PS. Let me know when it’s safe to love my country, have self-respect, keep the money I earn, and talk about God again.

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Jul 26, 2020

You are blind if you can’t see the desperation of the Democrat Party. Desperate, panicking, lying, always in attack mode, always negative and pessimistic about the future. Their speaking points always gloom and doom. The World will end in 11 years, jobs will never come back, America was never great, America’s best years are behind her, cow farts will kill us, ban planes, ban cars, it goes on and on. Who wants to belong to the party that favors illegals over Americans, Vets, the elderly? Who wants to be a cheerleader for criminals and sanctuary cities? That is why so many people are walking away from the depressing, delusional, desperate Democrats. The Democratic Party is unproductive, but even worse than…


Dan Moriarty
Dan Moriarty
Feb 01, 2020

Were the Jews chosen because they were hated and persecuted or are they hated and persecuted because they were chosen?

Did everyone start hating the Jews when they started throwing down rules and laws and said g-d told them to, or did everyone already hate the Jews and that just made it worse? Did pretty much every gene gang around hate every other one and eventually when Jews start bragging about being g-d's favorite and knowing all the rules everybody decided that they were just the worst?

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