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  • Mark Benedict

The Modern Left: The Party of Despair

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

By Mark Benedict, Contributor / The American Rant

The modern left. Everything is terrible. Sky is always falling. Nothing we can do. Hope is gone. I am so put off by the incessant complaining and blaming in their rhetoric and within their base. Seems nearly every one of them takes 100% percent of their party's policy positions 100% of the time. So much for the ‘tolerant, open-minded party’.

CNN, MSNBC peddle the dark, despair message of the Democrat Party. They are pessimistic 100% of the time. There is constant anger, rage. What’s clearly missing is optimism, hope and encouragement. No one on these networks is upbeat. No one is happy. That goes for the Democrat candidates as well. Complaints non-stop. They claim not one single thing had gone right since Trump has become President. Not one. Apparently, they can’t read a statistic. I have yet to see the networks report ANYTHING positively during the Trump Administration. Giving him zero credit. Nothing. Just non-stop gloom and doom.

I would think an independent would be turned off by such relentless negativity. After 3 minutes of watching CNN or MSNBC, I have to turn it off. They push their negative agenda without respite. It’s becoming depressing. Further to this point, their strategy is not thought-out. The Democrats and their networks fail to see their lack of appeal. Instead, they’ve become the party of darkness and despair. Relying on the politics of fear to move their agenda forward. Jobs will never come back. America’s best days are behind her. Eleven years left for Earth. Polar caps will melt and flood countries. Give up on borders. Give up on enforcing laws. Give up on prisons. Give up on fighting drugs.

And Democrats always want more money. It’s needed desperately. Never-ending attempts to raise taxes. It never enough. Their argument with Climate Change is just another (not very well disguised) attempt to raise more taxes. Income tax, sales tax, federal, state, property tax... it’s never enough. It is said that the average person works from January to April for the government before they’ve made a penny for themselves. But, for Democrats, even that’s not enough. Democrat-run cities reflect their dark policies and despair rhetoric Their cities are rundown and crime, drugs, homelessness is out of control. The streets are filthy, their neighborhoods are neglected, their schools are hotspots of rage, weening our kids on hate and fear and socialist utopias.

Makes you wonder where all that tax money is going. Democrat politicians in these crime-ridden, dilapidated cities are living high on the hog, whilst its denizens get in line for handouts. If these politicians are spending time in their districts, I don’t see it, and neither do the people.

The policies of right and left seem further apart than ever, and one need only lift their head out of the mud to see that these liberal policies might look good on paper, and might sound good in a love song, but in the real world, here, on planet earth—they just don’t work. Never have. Never will.

Liberal ideals are about as progressive as the dark ages. Instead of constantly rewriting the rule-book, maybe they should give them a chance—and follow them. Our laws are good, and they work. Just look at any city run by a conservative.

One thing seems true to form, angry, rebellious people unwilling to take personal responsibility gravitate to the mad party that values free stuff over freedom.

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Jul 26, 2020

The only darkness I see in this country is the progressive, left, liberal, socialist agenda and its attempt to convert our REPUBLIC into another failed socialist state without boarders, without elected officials to govern, and with our rights (read: speech, firearms). not to mention an all out war against faith in the Almighty, an insistence to honor a people who treat their women like cattle, and an insidious agenda to dismantle our families, life, and gender. They bully decent Americans into silence, call darkness light and lightness dark. One thing I know for certain, as long as there's one red-blooded American alive -- this isn't going to happen. It's the patience, good will, and acknowledgment of their right to freely…

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