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  • Daniel Moriarty

From the Greatest Generation to WTF

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

By Dan Moriarty, Contributor / The American Rant

I don't exactly know the ages and attributes of Millennials versus Generation Y versus Generation Z versus the rookie class - Generation WTF, but I know that the people I grew up with, and right after, and a little before, were, for the most, part anti-establishment disruption-prone hippies, but they acknowledged the victories and accomplishments and near impossible things that their parents did.  The Depression, the war, building the industrial technical systems and infrastructure that define a first-world society. And they can see it and appreciate it and stand on the shoulders of their predecessors and enhance it. They even gave a team name: The Greatest Generation.

And they took care of their parents.

The people further behind the people I grew up with are resentful tiny little ego-defensive children. They seem to naturally and enthusiastically seek to entrap, slander and sabotage their parents and those they equate to their parents. It seems like there is a chorus of children whining and carping that they don’t like what the people before them have done, and are doing, and all those people should just hand everything over because “I want to do it my way.” Anyone who has raised a 6 year old is familiar with this demand.

How did we go from the greatest generation to a generation of entitled cry-babies with as much life-experience and gratitude and respect as a mud-pie. I don’t see them taking care of their parents, but shunning them for some magical utopian group-think ideology that demands free stuff over freedom, anarchy over law and order, and opts for emotionally erratic and unpredictable violence over cogent exchange based on rational thought. I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to swap out the Constitution for the funny paper quite yet. WTF.

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Dan Moriarty
Dan Moriarty
Aug 08, 2023

Well put. I am concerned that you have triggered some little fragile middle aged adolescent out there and this space will be silenced before Thanksgiving (which is racist).

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