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What Liberals Believe

By Luke Niederle, Contributor / The American Rant

Liberals believe that free speech means limited to only speech they happen to agree with. Anything else is "hate speech" and must be purged - by violent means if necessary.

Liberals believe it's perfectly acceptable for the ideological victim to morph into a concrete, actual victimizer. They were provoked after all when they had to face the fact that not everyone agrees with their point of view.

Liberal Democrats believe they are great because they support removal of reminders of historical slavery and racism - e.g., destroying Civil War monuments, etc. Too bad they don't remember that it was Democrats who supported slavery, opposed civil rights, and founded the KKK. To follow their own reasoning, they have to eliminate their own party for it's historic role in racism and oppression.

Liberals believe that pretty much any problem can be fixed by passing more ambiguous and unenforceable laws and regulations.

When a liberal is upset with how the government treats him, he demands more government.

Liberals believe that states like Texas should get no help - even in natural disasters - because of their "low taxes," but folks who have never worked a day in their life should collect money from taxpayers (not to mention how absurd it is to confuse state taxes with federal taxes!).

Liberals believe it's evil and immoral to hunt - that it's just a conservative/Republican excuse to "murder innocent animals" - but they've got no problems at all going to the resturant for a nice steak or the grocery store to pick up packages of animal meat for dinner from animals who are raised packed into inhumane feedlots and slaughtered as babies or when barely mature and selectively bred to have such huge breasts that they cannot even walk.

Liberals believe we shouldn't judge all Muslims (or any other group) by the actions of a few, but we should take away everyone's guns because of the actions of a few. And of course it's perfectly acceptable to castigate all conservatives based on the statement of a single guy the vast majority have never heard of, Todd Akin.

Liberals believe that illegal aliens brought here as children should be able to stay because it's not their fault their criminal parents brought them here—but whites should pay reparations for slavery that occurred five generations ago, whether they even have an ancestor who was ever a slave owner or not. "The son shall not pay for the sins of his father"....unless they're white.

Liberals believe that you can't have guns because they're too dangerous — and besides, the police will protect you (never mind that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away). But of course, they simultaneously believe that all police officers are also untrustworthy abusive racists.

Liberals believe that the idea that a man is a woman because he says so is absolutely fine and must be respected, but a Republican isn't allowed to use a nickname and if he does so, it means he's untrustworthy and hiding something (e.g., "Ted" Cruz, which is, of course, short for Edward, his middle name, which he uses because his first name is identical to his father's).

Liberals believe it's ok to attack a rape victim, if she's a threat to liberals/progressives/Democrats/socialists. Similarly, it's perfectly acceptable to attack a black person or other minority if they dare to hold conservative values or party affiliation. But regardless of justification, it's NEVER acceptable for conservatives/Republican's to even hint at a question to a liberal rape victim, or a liberal minority. The slightest possible innuendo along those lines fully justifies an all out hard core attack including vulgar name calling, defacing property, and even making death threats.

Liberals believe that by age 18 (or younger) you are old enough to make your choice to have consensual sex, a child, an abortion - but you're never old enough to come to a consensual agreement with an employer about what you are willing to accept for a job salary for any low wage job; the government must set wages for you.

Liberals believe that they care about the children … but saddling them with trillions of dollars of debt to pay for my bloated leftist government is okay.

Liberals believe that at 18 you are old enough to leave home, get married, have a job, buy a house, sign legal contracts, vote, drive a vehicle, have a child, have an abortion, move anywhere you like, even give your life for your country -- but no way its safe for you to have even a single legal bottle of beer or glass of wine.

Liberals want government out of the bedroom, but want everyone else to pay for what they choose to do in that bedroom.

Liberals believe requiring voter ID is discriminatory against minorities, but it's perfectly fine to require the same ID for purchasing over the counter decongestants, entering all federal buildings, entering any court house, participating in a no-voter-ID rally, getting any federal benefits, having a savings or checking account, using a credit card or a check, buying any alcoholic beverage, participating at a Democratic Party National Convention, to board a NC NAACP bus to protest voter ID laws in NC, rent an apartment or buy a house, to buy a car, to get a library card, to get a post office box, to get a job, to open a bank account, to go to school, to get a credit card, to get a cell phone account, to get an internet provider, to get electric service, to get water service, to get car insurance, to get health insurance, to get home owners insurance, to get life insurance, to get license tags for your dog, to buy beer and wine, to join a gym, to put something on lay-away at Wal-mart, to get a fishing or hunting license, to buy a gun, to get a carry permit, to get a permit to renovate your house, to register a business, to sell junk to a scrap yard, to sign up for welfare, to get food stamps, to cash a check, to rent a motel room... heck, at Disney world they require not only photo ID but also finger prints, etc., etc.

Liberals believe that very very hot weather proves anthropogenic global warming is occurring, but that very very cold weather is "simply weather, not climate, moron."

Liberals define free expression strictly in terms of s3xu@l behavior - abortion, gay marriage, contraceptives, etc. In contrast, they have become speech and thought fascists. It is now far a greater crime to use "forbidden" words than to kill an infant.

Liberals believe it is fine to stop the flow of water and impoverish the poorest among us, put farmers out of business they've run for many decades, increase food costs across the nation, all to "protect" a non-indigenous bait fish by flushing massive amounts of water out into the ocean rather than letting it be used for irrigation on the farms as it has been for many many Liberals believe we must carpool to reduce pollution and use of non-renewable resources, but ridesharing might not be safe and must be outlawed, even when the drivers have commercial licenses, background checks, and are bonded, and their cars passed safety inspection.

Liberals believe that people who can’t accurately tell us if it will rain on Friday, can predict the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don't start driving a Chevy Volt, or a Prius at least.

Liberals believe that women are never old enough to actually take care of themselves without government help (see "Life of Julia" courtesy Obama), but young teen girls are old enough to decide to have an abortion without their parents knowledge.

Liberals believe it's immoral and horrific to waterboard a handful of the very worst terrorists, but it's perfectly fine for our Nobel Peace Prize winning president to drop bombs on them remotely using drones, violating national sovereignty in the process, and killing thousands -- even though a quarter of the total deaths are completely innocent bystanders (not to mention a few U.S. citizens killed unconstitutionally without due process, including an innocent USA citizen who was a 16 year old boy).

Liberals believe it's abhorrent to possibly disturb a few of the caribou in remote Alaska for oil, but it's fine to fry massive numbers of birds, bats, and insects on the wing, slice and dice them, and explode them for grossly inefficient and unreliable wind and solar power around the nation.

Liberals believe it makes perfect sense to continue blaming Bush 60 months later, but it's silly to talk about Benghazi, the murder of our Ambassador and other Americans, and the following Administration cover up a mere 20 months later.

Liberals believe it's immoral to profess one's intent to try to be moral, and fail. But it's perfectly fine and not immoral to simply have no morals, period, and to act immorally -- just so long as you just never claim to have morals to begin with.

Liberals want to spend beaucoup money to get all children a great education; but they don't want to permit vouchers that would empower parents to choose the best school for their children.

Liberals believe the supposed use of "dog whistles" or "micro-aggression" (even when entirely unintended) is so outrageously sinful and offensive that it totally justifies screaming vulgar obscenities and curse words, flinging accusations of racism, and all sorts of other things in response. But all that blatant vulgarity, obscenities, curse words, and name calling somehow isn't offensive.

Liberals believe that gender isn't defined by your genes or your genitalia... but that somehow it makes perfect sense to have sex reassignment surgery in order to be "normal" and make your body match your preferred gender... and that somehow wearing a dress and heels makes you a woman.

Liberals believe that everyone should be free to use marijuana because it has no harmful effects (never mind all the carcinogens in the smoke, brain effects, etc), but alcohol is a dangerous drug that should be outlawed because people might drive drunk or become alcoholics.

Liberals believe that granting amnesty and citizenship to illegals aliens with little or no penalties will "fix the problem" but somehow magically not encourage more to cross our borders.

Liberals believe that Freedom of Speech is not as important as preventing people from being offended. And who cares about the Constitution anyhow, right?

Liberals believe the oil companies’ profit of 3% on a gallon of gas is obscene, but the federal government taxing that same gallon of gas at 15% isn’t obscene.

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